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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Morgan's Sweater and Purse Set 3/06

I began this project last year and just finished it in March after my apartment flooded I needed to have something to keep my mind off of the disaster the flood created. I wanted this to be done for her for Christmas to match the blue jean skirt I made her but I had a flare up with my carpal tunnel and couldn't knit as much. I used some Red Heart fluffy yarn in varigated greens and added beads to the sweater and to the little purse I created to go along with it. I knitted the purse 7" across and 9" long and made a handle casting on 3 stitches. I made a little lining out of a scrap piece of fabric attached a snap and there you have. I'm quite proud of this project. It's the first knitted handbag I've made.


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