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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just a Few Words

I joined the Green Gables Knitting blog and I'm excited about that. I still have to get my yarn for my sweater. My youngest girl wants me to make for her so the yarn will more than likely be some color blue (her fav. color) I still have yet to figure out how to put my buttons on my page. Could someone please give me some advice. Thanks!!!! I had to pull my sock apart twice so far because the rib pattern wasn't coming out right and I'm still not use to working with such small size needles. I've been looking at different sites trying to learn as much as I can and the more I look the more I feel I don't know. I have some much going on that I can't make the times of the knitting circles I would like to participate in because of conflicting schedules with my kids band practice. I'm still trying to find a pattern for the Melody yarn from Patons but I don't like what they have on their website. I want something exciting and my friend is also plus size so I want it to be flattering. If you have any suggestions as I'm just starting to find a few plus size patterns I would be grateful. Hope everyone is having a knitting good day and I'll be back.


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