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Sunday, May 21, 2006

What is a Crafter to do?

OK........... I have discovered I didn't know how wonderful and fun their site is. This weekend has been a crazy one for me I'm still trying to unpack with a bad back so the process is at a snails pace. I also made a major decision this past week and that was to go ahead and quit my job taking a buyout for a nice amount and with tuition re-imbursement for 2yrs. so it's off to school for me. The big question is what direction do I want to go in. I have a newfound love for crafting and my poetry all of which surfaced over the past few years. My heart is leading me to go with a business degree and writing on the side. I'm not sure just yet which way but I do know that having my own business to display my work. My work isn't the norm but my skills need to be honed as everything I do is self-taught. I see things and pretty much go for it. I buy fabrics because they speak to me and the same with my yarn. I want to be a free spirited crafter who can spend my time concentrating on my projects and my girls. I feel I'm on my way to that now. I've been praying to get this together and I believe things will fall into place. I'm still working on my ggable for my DD and now that I made the corrections it's coming along well. I think that's enough for now just needed to get that off my chest.


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