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Friday, June 09, 2006

Oh Boy.......What am I getting Into?

The Wardrobe Refashion Pledge
I Phyllis ,
Pledge that I shall abstain from the purchase of "new" manufactured items of clothing, for the period of 2 / 4 / 6 months.
I Pledge that I shall refashion, renovate, recylcle pre-loved items for myself for the term of my contract.
I Pledge that I shall create and craft items of clothing for myself with my own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract.
I Pledge that I will share the love and post a photo of my refashioned, renovoated, recylcled, crafted or created item of clothing on the Wardrobe Refashion blog, so that others may share the joy that thy thriftyness bring I thought this would be of great benefit to me as I need to get into my stash and make some use of it. I started a purse from a pair of jeans, which I'll post the pictures next week. Keep and eye out as this will by far be one of my biggest adventures


  • Good luck on that! Me, I ain't even gonna front like I could do it. Nope, not even possible. That's like asking me to not buy any more yarn. HA!

    I'll be checking in to see how it's going for you!

    By Blogger del, at 10:39 AM  

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