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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Okay I did it Again..............

this is Casscade yarn and the pic doesn't do the color justice.
this book was only 4.99 and has a lot of info and cute patterns
my youngest DD and I picked these out in hopes of using up my stash This pic is blurry....sorry but the material is blue and white/pink linen for skirts for my DDs to go with the GGable sweaters I'm knitting for them. I'm 3 1/2" away from finishing the first one.
Yes, I did it again. I took my serger to the shop because my needle broke and the tip fell down and threw the timing off. It'll be $90 to get fixed. My Rose machine is already in the shop getting a overhaul I get that done yearly so I have nothing to sew with right now. OH NO!!!!!!!!! While I was there I found this yarn and then at JoAnn's I found the rest of these goodies. I'm getting ready to go to church but had to post.


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